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We provide rapid live video streaming integration for websites and mobile applications.

Why Choose MSG for your websites and mobile apps?

Multitek Solutions Inc. (MSI) is a leading expert in Live Video Streaming technologies. MSI has been developing live streaming applications, mobile apps and websites since 2007. MSI created MSG to provide an easy, lightweight and scalable way of integrating live video streaming into your end user software product.


Powered by the Multitek Streaming Platform (MSP). MSP's API lets you integrate live video streaming in no time.


There is no heavy system to install. Just register on MSG and call the API to create or view live video streams and to manage users.


MSG's proprietary peer to peer live video streaming engine automatically scales up to handle large loads of live stream viewers.


The Multitek STreaming Gateway offers all the essential and critical features that can deliver the rich video streaming experience that is seen in all modern live streaming mobile apps and websites.

Friendly REST API

Whether you are building a communication app, an online collaboration tool or a highly scalable social media network, MSG's simple to use REST API will get you there in no time.

High scalability

MSG handles high numbers of remote viewers with minimal bandwidth consumption so that you may focus on other mission critical areas of your product.

Worldwide access

Live streams generated by the Mulitek Streaming (MSP) platform can be viewed remotely from any location worldwide

HD Live Video

MSG is able to stream and remote play high quality live videos in a variety of HD formats. The platform is also constantly being enhanced.

Fully customizable UI

The MSG dashboard offers the ability to customize your streamer and player html layouts, styles and dynamic javascript.

Multi browser support

The Multitek Streaming Platform (MSP) supports all the modern browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Safari and Opera.

Live Video url link:

Live Video Streaming Demo.

This is a quick and simple demo where you can test out an actual MSG live video stream.

Start your streamer.

This is an actual MSG streamer layout. Click on the "Start demo video stream" button to start broadcasting the live video

Share the live video link.

Copy the contents of the 'Live Video url link' text box, and share it with anyone by text, email, sms or social media.

Play the live video

After clicking on the video link, your friends can view the live video.


MSG offers a variety of packages from free trial to monthly cost effective perpetual subscriptions, as well as full licenses where you can host and manage your own MSG platform instances.


$0 / month

  • Try it for 30 days
  • One streaming account
  • Full functionality


$499 / month

  • Perpetual subscription
  • 15 streaming accounts
  • Full functionality


  • Full MSP license
  • Host your own MSP platform
  • Manage your own servers
  • Unlimited streaming accounts
  • Full functionality

About us

The Multitek Streaming Gateway (MSG) is part of the network of websites designed, built and operated by Multitek Solutions.
Multitek Solutions was founded in 2007, and uses cutting edge web technology to build custom Web, desktop, enterprise and mobile software applications for its clients.

MSG provides access to a Live Video Streaming platform that empowers our clients to implement Rapid Integration of live video streaming into their websites and mobile applications.


Contact us any time, and we will answer any question you may have about MSG and MultiTek Solutions Inc. We will also provide you with technical support and advice.

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